Needle weaves fans, customers and companies together

Companies and employees are finding unique ways to work in a world supported by mobile Internet access. We’re seeing growth in coworking, and telecommuting in general, and Needle is a great example just how far you can push these ideas.

Just What Do We Call Ourselves, Anyhow?

We are (obviously) fond of the term “web worker” to describe the WWD audience. But there are other terms that get thrown around a lot: “digital bedouin” is popular among the cutting-edge set, “telecommuter” seems to be the darling of the mainstream media, while “teleworker” gets heard in government circles. But as the folks over at Plantronics point out in launching their TeleWho? contest:

It’s 1973 — Elvis has popularized the sequin jumpsuit, the country is embroiled in Watergate, and the term “telecommuter” is first coined.

No doubt because it’s not catchy enough for advertising, the Plantronics folks want to replace “telecommuter” with some other term for “today’s always-connected-but-not-always-in-the-office worker.” Actually, they want you to come up with it for them.

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Amazon’s Streams a Pipe Dream?

Yesterday we learned that Amazon will launch a pay-per-view streaming service in the next few weeks. Since then, Silicon Alley Insider was able to extract a few more nuggets about the service from Jeff Bezos: You’ll be able to stream rentals and purchases, prices will be the same as Unbox, and you’ll be able to watch movies right away.

But what does it all mean? Is it a good idea for Amazon? Amazon PR is being incredibly tight-lipped about the whole thing, but here are some initial thoughts.

Since the service will stream, you’ll have to watch it on your PC (Unbox movies are currently Windows-only). That is, unless Amazon’s planning to turn the Kindle into a set-top box, which would just stream the scripts for all the movies.

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Q1P with 2 GB: quick benchmark test


Just a quick screencap with results of CrystalMark on the Q1P with 2 GB of memory. I don’t believe that comparing it to my recent Q1P benchmarks with 1 GB (score: 14873) is an apples to apples because while the unit is the same aside from the memory module, I’ve rebuilt the machine since then, i.e.: it’s configured differently. Ideally, the best test would be to run CrystalMark with 2 GB of RAM, which I’ve done above, and then swap the 1 GB module back for another test. Regardless, I wanted to share this little bit of data for now….testing still underway. So far, I’m very happy with the upgrade.