tempalias: Temporary, Anonymous Email Addresses

If you need a throwaway email address — perhaps you’d like to sign up for an online service without providing your real email address because you’re concerned about spam — look no further than tempalias. It’s a simple service that generates a temporary email address.

SugarSync Gets Free Version

SugarSyncWe first mentioned SugarSync over a year ago, and the online backup service has been growing in both size and services since then. Those folks don’t seem to ever stand still and have apps to keep your data in sync across multiple computers and phone platforms. We heard from them that they now have a free version of the service, so it’s possible to start small (and free) and grow if need be.

The free version only gets you 2 GB of storage, but that’s enough for small tasks or to give SugarSync a try before upgrading to a paid, larger data volume. Our friends at WebWorkerDaily reviewed SugarSync and gave it high marks, as did our own Kevin Tofel.