A database for the internet of things, TempoDB raises $3.2M

Time-series data is proliferating like mad in the era of the internet of things and the industrial internet, and Chicago-based startup TempoDB wants to capture it all. The company has $3.2 million to help it try to pull this off.

Graph startup Neo raises $11M as specialized databases take hold

Graph database startup Neo Technology has raised another $11 million, providing more fuel to the fire of specialized databases. Whether they’re graph databases organizing data by relationships, or geospatial databases concerned with where stuff is located, everyone is trying capitalize on myriad new data sources available.

Meet TempoDB, a database startup with an eye for time

TempoDB, a startup out of Chicago, has build a database as a service offering specifically for time-series data thrown off by thermostats, servers, automotive telematics. Does the world (or the Internet of Things) need a specialty time series database hosted in the cloud?

APIs & data dominate TechStars Cloud demo day

Eleven startups building the “plumbing of the internet” presented today for the TechStars Cloud demo day, and the common thread running through them all was making it easier to build app-like products and services as well as an obsession with data. Plus one cool consumer startup.