Wimbledon? More Like Wimble-Done Already!

I’m in the midst of moving, so I’m stuck in between mountains of cardboard boxes and molehills of bubble wrap this holiday weekend. That means I have little access to the Internet and television and, by extension, the Wimbledon semi-finals. Evidently, NBC forgot the “live” part of its online live-streaming and is delaying the televised and online coverage, a tactic NBC CEO Jeff Zucker (s GE) is fond of (tape-delayed Olympics, anyone?).

East Coast bloggers are particularly perturbed:

Staci D. Kramer (the “D” is for “Damn you, Jeff Zucker!”) at paidContent writes:

I’m sitting outside on a lovely Friday morning, sipping a cup of tea and catching up on the news. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s the final Friday of Wimbledon and I’m reduced to either watching a pirated feed from a place where the broadcasters value live sports or following the Andy Roddick-Andy Murray match vicariously through Twitters and live blogs. That’s because NBC Universal (s GE) values the Today Show more than live sports and, or at least, more than this live sport and its fans, and NBC Sports has the right to “save” a match for its exclusive window.

And Henry Blodget, who seems ready to bludgeon Zucker, writes over at Silicon Alley Insider:

Following on its disastrous “coverage” of the Wimbledon quarterfinals, NBC is now wrecking the Wimbledon semifinals.

Andy Murray and Andy Roddick are a tight first set (Roddick’s up 4-3). ESPN, which owns the rights for this hour, can’t show the match on TV because NBC won’t let them.

NBC, meanwhile, refuses to show the match online, because that might dilute its TV audience when it finally bothers to put Wimbledon on the air.

If NBC’s coverage was a tennis match, this would be a double fault.

Where to Watch Wimbledon Online

WimbledonThis is a big week for NBCSports.com (s GE). After a rain-delayed U.S. Open Golf Championship spilled over into a live-streamed Monday finale, the sporting world now turns its eyes to Wimbledon, where the grand-pappy of tennis tournaments kicks off this week (watch it here).

Note: If you’re trying to find out where to watch the 2010 Wimbledon Tournament, details are here.

And for the first time in the U.S. this year, coverage of Wimbledon will be available via free, live online streaming, including the men’s and women’s finals (hat tip to MediaPost).

From the NBC press release:

NBC Sports will present more than 38 broadcast hours of coverage over nine days from Wimbledon beginning this Saturday at 3 p.m. ET, and includes live coverage of the Gentleman’s and Ladies’ Finals. All matches televised by NBC Sports are available online at Live at Wimbledon via NBCSports.com and Wimbledon.org.

This marks a shift for Wimbledon, which last year only offered live-streamed coverage via a $25 subscription (and only to Windows users). Despite that fee, the tournament generated 1 million live and 4 million on-demand streams last year. From the Wimbledon.org site, it looks like there is still a subscription for U.K. residents. (Since we’re in the U.S., it blocked us from getting too far into the subscription process.)

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