Hot damn! Verizon and NEC show off terabit speeds

If there were an Olympics of pushing the broadband envelope, Verzon would consistently take the gold, because the carrier is always testing out new superfast broadband in its labs and in its test networks. Today’s speed record is 21.7 terabits per second in field trials.

Infinera, TeliaSonera test a new terabit network

TeliaSonera, a Scandinavian-based telephone company, has conducted a trial for an optical network that saw a terabit speed optical transmission based on 500 gigabit per second super channels. The trial used Infinera gear and was conducted between Los Angeles and San Jose, Calif.

SeaMicro’s new servers keep on coming

SeaMicro, a low-power server maker, has managed to increase the amount of computing power under its hood by 50 percent while decreasing the power consumption of its machines by a quarter. But perhaps most interesting, it has managed three new products in the last year.

Go Go, Verizon! Carrier and NEC Tests a Terabit Backbone

Verizon refuses to stop in its quest to support the future of our connected society, with the nation’s largest ISP testing terabit backbone speeds with NEC out in the field. At terabit speeds, performing high performance computing and big data analytics in real time become possible.