Instagram privacy lawsuit is nonsense say experts

A law firm is trying to capitalize on recent outrage over Instagram’s changes to its terms of services. Despite media hype, the lawsuit has been described as “frivolous” and “flimsy” by social media law experts.

Facebook proposes adding Instagram user data, abolishing user vote

Facebook is proposing integrating user data with Instagram user data, and abolishing a voting system that allowed users to weigh in on potential changes to the site. The changes bring some privacy concerns for users, but come from Facebook’s desire to monetize and streamline user data.

Craigslist’s big bluff

Craigslist this week told users that it can use the classifieds they post as the basis for lawsuits against other sites. The claim appears weak from a legal standpoint and even worse from a public relations one.

Apple hit with class action over iTunes double-billing

A New York man claims Apple charged him twice for the same song on iTunes and then refused to give him his money back. But the iTunes Store terms of service requires all users to agree to its no refund policy.