Software AG Buys Terracotta to Build New Cloud Platform

German software vendor Software AG has bought Java-performance expert Terracotta with the goal of creating a cloud application platform to rival those from Software AG competitors such as Oracle, VMware and IBM. Terracotta has built a portfolio of open-source products over the past several years.

Terracotta Brings Real-Time Analytics to the (Java) Masses

Terracotta is trying to bring real-time analytics to the masses (of Java users, at least) by letting Ehcache users query data stored in the product’s in-memory cache. With Ehcache Search, customers can perform real-time queries against terabytes of data stored in their transactional caches.

Terracotta Buys Quartz to Advance Java Scalability Mission

Java scalability specialist Terracotta has acquired the intellectual property associated with Quartz, a popular open-source job scheduler, part of Terracotta’s mission to integrate common open-source Java application components into its middleware solution. Terracotta has already integrated SQL-query service Hibernate, and it acquired popular distributed caching solution Ehcache in August. These integrations make Terracotta a more formidable competitor in the quest to manage data in cloud or scale-out infrastructures, where it battles relational databases, proprietary caching solutions like Oracle Coherence and, increasingly, flash-based solutions. Read More about Terracotta Buys Quartz to Advance Java Scalability Mission

Upcoming Boxee Beta Puts TV Content Front and Center

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen stopped by our NewTeeVee Live conference last week to officially announce the first Boxee-branded hardware, a set-top box that will be available sometime next year. I interviewed Ronen after his keynote, and he gave me a few more details about both the box itself and the upcoming beta of Boxee’s software, which will be officially unveiled at an event in New York on Dec. 7th.
The upcoming beta is going to be much more media-centric and less application-focused than the current alpha version, which Ronen told me is largely to make it easier to find movies and TV content. Users will no longer have to remember who’s supplying Boxee with what kind of content, but will simply be able to browse a list of shows or search for specific titles.
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Big Money for Big Database Company

[qi:110] Aster Data Systems, a Redwood City, Calif-based startup that makes data warehousing software, has raised $12 million in new funding from JAFCO Ventures along with participation from existing investors Sequoia Capital, Cambrian Ventures and First Round Capital. The company had previously raised $10 million in funding. Aster’s main product is Aster nCluster, a high-performance analytic database. The company was founded in 2005 by Stanford students Mayank Bawa (CEO) and Tasso Argyros (CTO). Aster is one of the many startups (and established players) that are tackling the problem of plenty. Read More about Big Money for Big Database Company

Terracotta Doesn’t Want to Kill Your Database, Just Maim It

I ran across Terracotta Inc. a few months ago while looking at database companies, and was impressed by the potential of its eponymously named open source software, which can make web applications scale faster and more cheaply than they do when information is stored in a database. Instead the software from Terracotta, which was formed in 2003 and has raised $29 million from Accel Partners, DAG Ventures, Benchmark Capital and Goldman Sachs, takes information and writes it to a shared cluster of memory.

That makes the data available for quick access without the need for the arduous and time-consuming processes of structuring it for a database, storing it there and retrieving it later. Read More about Terracotta Doesn’t Want to Kill Your Database, Just Maim It