Bill Gates goes nuclear in Idaho

Bill Gates, along with the staff of nuclear startup TerraPower, visited the U.S. government-owned Idaho National Labs this week to check out the facilities in advance of reactor design work that TerraPower plans to do at the facility. Gates is chairman of, and investor, in TerraPower, which has been developing a traveling wave nuclear reactor that can run on waste uranium, and can make and consume its own fuel — theoretically it doesn’t need to be refueled for hundreds of years.

Wanted: The ability to fail

If the world wants solutions to its most intractable problems — getting enough food, water and fuel for 9 billion people, for example — entrepreneurs must be able to try out big ideas. And fail sometimes.

When digital entrepreneurs go nuclear, literally

Entrepreneur Russ Wilcox, who is the former CEO and co-founder of display-maker E Ink, has just joined next-gen nuclear startup Transatomic Power as its CEO. There’s only a handful of web and computing entrepreneurs that go nuclear.

Bill Gates: We need crazy energy entrepreneurs

We need “energy miracles,” in at least five areas, and in each of these areas “we need at least two hundred crazy people who think their idea alone can solve this,” said Bill Gates at the Wall Street Journal’s Eco:nomics conference on Thursday night.

Bill Gates says TerraPower is in discussions with China

Bill Gates says the nuclear startup TerraPower that he has backed is in preliminary discussions with the Chinese government, as well as the governments of Russia, India and other countries, too. TerraPower will most likely commercialize its tech outside the U.S. first.

Bill Gates backs human waste-to-fuel tech

Making energy from poop can be a good profit-making and social enterprise. That’s the aim of a research project at Columbia University, where a professor is getting a $1.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a waste-to-energy technology.

Bill Gates “Stunned” By Political Bickering Over Energy R&D

Bill Gates has positioned himself as a champion of energy innovation to solve climate change problems. Still, he’s surprised by how tough it is to get political support for boosting R&D spending and wondered if “perhaps we are not patient enough.”

Nuclear Costs to Soar Post Japan Disaster

Researchers are already predicting how the nuclear disaster in Japan will affect the nuclear industry. According to Mark Cooper, a senior fellow at Vermont Law School’s Institute for Energy and Environment, construction costs of nuclear reactors are likely to soar for awhile.

Top 10 Earth2tech Posts of 2010

The year in greentech was influenced by a whole grip of startups, investors, innovators, and policy makers. But when it comes to page views, there were a couple of companies that dominated: Bloom Energy, and Bill Gate’s TerraPower. Here are the Top 10 stories of 2010:

From Microsoft to Nuclear, 10 Questions for Nathan Myhrvold

Bill Gates might be the most prominent high-level Microsoft exec to focus on energy innovation, but he’s certainly not the first. A decade ago its then-chief technology officer, Nathan Myhrvold, left the software giant to found Intellectual Ventures, which has spun off nuclear power startup TerraPower.