Who knew? Data center segment is hot, hot, hot!

People think of data centers as a big, clunky category, but in the cloud computing era it shouldn’t be a surprise that the sector has been hot, with more hotness to come. As more cloud services come online, demand for webscale data centers will keep growing.

New OpenStack member AT&T has developers on the mind

AT&T has decided to build another cloud, this one focusing on developers and, ultimately, incorporating elements of the open-source OpenStack project. It’s an ambitious undertaking as AT&T tries to prove it can hang with the big boys in delivering cloud infrastructure to the masses.

Telx ups data center ante with new N.J. facility

Data center operator Telx will break ground soon on a 215,000-square-foot data center next to an existing facility in Clifton, N.J. The network-rich Clifton Cloud Connection Center will target customers that want to build hybrid cloud computing solutions.

Don’t look now, but AWS might be a billion-dollar biz

“Other,” the revenue category in Amazon’s reports that encompasses Amazon Web Services, is growing like mad — 70 percent over last year, in fact. This matters because it likely means AWS is outpacing its projected growth and is rapidly approaching a $1 billion run rate.

Virgin Media, Savvis vow ‘jargon-free’ cloud

Virgin Media is using Savvis to launch business-oriented cloud services–minus the tech double talk–through its Virgin Media Business subsidiary. The company–which already offers broadband, fixed-line and mobile phone services to customers–promises jargon-free service to businesses that want to quickly test in-house applications or launch e-commerce services.

Verizon furnishes cloud for Aussie telecom

Global Gossip, an Australian telcom that specializes in internet access, chose Verizon’s Computing-as-a-Service as the engine for its cloud offering going forward. Verizon CaaS, sold by Verizon Global Wholesale, is just one of several Verizon cloud options after the company’s buying spree.

Dome9 launches as cloud security heats up

Dome9, a stealth company that aims to create the equivalent of a firewall for public and private clouds, launched the company and its product Monday. The company, which was founded last year, is just one of several cloud security companies coming out of stealth mode.

Verizon buys CloudSwitch to give itself a software play

Verizon is buying cloud computing startup CloudSwitch in a move that will give Verizon, as well as its subsidiary Terremark, a software-development edge to complement its service-provider expertise. CloudSwitch will lead software development beyond its core product, which will give Verizon additional cloud intellectual property.

Verizon’s strike pits its past against its future

More than 45,000 Verizon workers are striking this morning. People are concerned about what the strike could mean for telecom equipment vendors, but a better question is how much will Verizon’s legacy employees drag down the company as it competes against more modern IT companies?

Enterprise clouds stay hot as Virtustream raises $10M

Virtustream, a cloud computing provider focused on hosting enterprise applications, has raised $10 million in a Series B round. The round was funded by existing investors Intel Capital, Columbia Capital, Noro-Moseley Partners, and TDFunds, which invested $49 million in Virtustream’s Series A round last year.