Who is Apple’s new retail boss, and what will he do?

Tim Cook has made his first major appointment at Apple — by handing over control of the company’s retail stores to a British businessman who has built his reputation largely through pile-em-high tactics and aggressive expansion.

iPhone Coming to Tesco Supermarket in the UK, Virgin in Canada

If you wanted to buy the iPhone, once upon a time you had to get it direct from Apple (s aapl) or from the Mac maker’s partner network providers. Nowadays, there are more and more places you can pick one up, including, soon enough, at the supermarket while you restock the bread and milk in the UK. In Canada, a budget provider of UK origin will soon join everyone else as an iPhone carrier, too.

UK retailer Tesco will offer the device for use on the O2 network exclusively, and it will be selling both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. Tesco Mobile, Tesco’s cell phone subsidiary, will begin offering the device both in store and online via Tesco Direct. Tesco Mobile has its own branding and pricing structures, but is actually a joint venture between the retail giant and O2, and uses O2’s network. Read More about iPhone Coming to Tesco Supermarket in the UK, Virgin in Canada

CA Officially Unveils ecoSoftware to Manage Corporate Energy Use, Sustainability

With increased awareness — and regulation — of issues such as energy security and climate change, more and more corporations are working to reduce their carbon emissions and consumption of energy and natural resources. But how do you know if your efforts are paying off? Software company CA (s CA) hopes to help answer this question with a new line of products, called ecoSoftware, officially unveiled Monday. The line includes ecoGovernance, which helps evaluate and track companies’ sustainability initiatives, and ecoMeter, which manages energy use from data centers and other facilities.

EcoGovernance helps manage a company’s sustainability strategy by comparing how well different potential initiatives would help meet companies’ goals, as well as existing and coming regulations, said Terrence Clark, CA’s senior vice president and general manager for ecoSoftware. It sounds simple, but it can be a major task considering that some companies have thousands of ideas to capture, categorize and sift through, and different departments can make individual decisions about what to do.
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eFormic Launches Barcode for Carbon-neutral Goods

eformiclogosmallIt’s hard to trust, or even learn more about, carbon offset projects that make a certain event or product so-called carbon neutral. But a variety of startups are developing software and online tools to help make the process more transparent. One such company, eFormic, launched a product on Monday at the DEMO conference called CO2Code, which combines a barcode and an online service to take a deeper dive into carbon-neutral products.

The company was founded by Moriz Vohrer and Pieter van Midwoud, two German engineers that work for the non-profit carbon project Carbon Index. Here’s how it works: eFormic partners with carbon brokers, carbon trading platforms (like the Chicago Climate Exchange) and product makers to place a carbon barcode, or CO2Code, on goods ranging from orange juice to toys that have been “carbon neutralized.” The carbon broker will generally provide the carbon label, which indicates that the product maker has paid a third party to offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the product. But eFormic provides an additional barcode for the label that can be entered into eFormic’s (or the product maker’s) web site to learn more about what carbon-reduction projects were used. In some cases, the consumer can also use the barcode to tell the carbon broker how they would like the products to be offset.
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