The Fox-Cablevision Drama Is Getting Emmy-Worthy

The ongoing dispute between Fox and Cablevision is becoming the fall’s best drama, full of exciting twists and turns and exciting guest stars — in this case, the FCC, which hopes to end this conflict by getting both sides to submit information on their negotiations.

Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBC, Hulu, 3-D

Today on the Net: an analyst estimates that NBC Universal is worth negative $600 million while USA Network is worth $11.7 billion, broadcasters like NBC are holding back the available ad inventory for sale on Hulu and Imax’s CEO says not every 3-D movie will work.

Tesla Stock Sinks Below $17 IPO Price

Tesla’s stock has sunk for the first time below its $17 IPO price, shedding more than 16 percent today to close at $16.11. At one point the stock traded as low as $15.83, a significant drop from last week’s peak above $30.

Tesla IPO: What’s an Electric Car Maker Worth?

How much is an electric car maker worth? Some of the world’s largest automakers have invested significant sums into plug-in vehicle development efforts, but Tesla’s IPO gives us the first real glimpse of how the market values an electric vehicle business.

Tesla on the Rise Amid Tumbling Markets

Tesla delivered a solid Nasdaq debut amid a tumbling global market, with its stock opening at $19 a share. It pulled back to $17.62 per share by late morning, but had zoomed upwards of $20 per share by mid-afternoon.

Who Wins in the Tesla IPO?

UPDATED Here’s the rundown on who owns what portion of Tesla Motors, who will and won’t be selling shares at the IPO, and what their stakes will be worth (on paper, at least) at Tesla’s debut price of $17 per share.