Connectify combines Wi-Fi, 4G into a superfast wireless pipe

Philadelphia startup Connectify has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for its latest PC connection management project. It’s developing software that will allow a PC to aggregate multiple broadband connections, ranging from Wi-Fi to 4G, into a single a high-bandwidth link.

Sprint bumps per GB price on hotspot plans for phones

In a bid to encourage more customers to use their mobile phone as a wireless hotspot, Sprint has revamped its mobile hotspot tethering services on smartphones. There’s a new lower-priced plan but it will cost more per gigabyte. So will the new $50 plan.

Share any iPad or iPhone’s data connection with iTether

Amazingly, Apple approved an app called iTether that lets you share your iOS device’s data connection with a Mac or PC over USB — regardless of whether or not your carrier allows tethering. Even more surprising, maybe, is that it works with 3G-enabled iPads, too.

Hotspot feature the latest boost to Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 sales have been slow, but Microsoft is steadily building up the platform with more apps and features. The latest is the ability share a mobile broadband data connection in the Mango software update, but it appears carriers will have control over its use.

Free Press complains to the FCC about Verizon tethering

In the war to control access to services over wireless networks, the Free Press, a consumer group, has filed a complaint with the FCC because Verizon has reportedly asked Google to disable tethering on Android devices.

AT&T to Unauthorized Tetherers: Pay Up or Else

AT&T is tired of giving customers who are sharing their smartphones’ data plans via unauthorized tethering a free ride. The company is sending out notifications to users who are tethering their devices without the requisite plan, letting them that the free ride is over.

Tethering Coming to (Some) iPads?

A big problem with the 3G-capable iPad is that I can’t tether to other devices, like I can with my iPhone. If I could share my 3G connection, then I’d get far more use out of my iPad’s connectivity. Could tethering finally be on the way?

AT&T Removes All Remaining Doubt: No Tethering This Year

It seems AT&T (s att) is on a quest to cause as much damage as possible to the already flaky reputation it has with its iPhone customers. In an oddly confrontational email to 9to5 Mac, a spokesman for the communications company took issue with one of their recent articles that said AT&T would be delivering tethering services to iPhone customers by the end of the year.

The email, as quoted by 9to5 Mac’s Seth Weintraub, says:

Just reading again – where did anyone promise tethering by EOY? Where did you see that? We promised MMS by end of summer and ended up being a few days late for that…

In their defence, 9to5 Mac was channeling reports from TechCrunch and CNET which got them to arrive at the “before end of year” conclusion. You can hardly blame them — CNET’s headline in November 2008 read “AT&T confirms tethering coming to iPhone in 2009.” That’s pretty unequivocal as far as assertions go, right? Yet, I don’t recall anyone from AT&T sending CNET a snippy email in the interim… Read More about AT&T Removes All Remaining Doubt: No Tethering This Year