IBM highlights a growing Watson ecosystem and API collection

IBM has announced a long list of new Watson customers and startup partners, ranging from standby industries such as health care to new ones such as cybersecurity and nonprofits. Perhaps more importantly, the company also gave developers a handful of new Watson-powered APIs.

Baidu says its massive deep-learning system is nearly complete

Baidu says its 100-billion-neuron deep learning system will be complete within six months, powering a fast transition away from text as the dominant search input. Thanks to smartphones and its new Baidu Eye technology, the company expects voice and image search to dominate within five years.

Researchers are cracking text analysis one dataset at a time

A handful of new research projects from Google, IBM and the Allen Institute for AI highlight the ongoing quest to build computer systems capable of analyzing written language based on understanding concepts rather than just keywords.

Netflix uses data for a lot more than just recommendations

Netflix explained how it’s using data analysis to do more than recommend movies in a blog post this week. From optimizing bitrate to churning through user feedback, advanced algorithms are helping ensure that minimal issues affect the streaming experience.

Why we’re all so obsessed with deep learning

Deep learning is all the rage among the tech scene right now, and that’s more a result of its utility than because it sounds cool. Some questioned the feasibility of the Secret Service’s requested “sarcasm detector,” but deep learning could help there, too.