T-Mobile to Implement a Twitter Tax on Texts?

In a move that could impact text messaging offerings like tweets, bank alerts and sports scores, T-Mobile USA is planning to charge an additional toll to businesses to send texts. The charges could begin on Oct. 1 and cost a quarter of a penny per text.

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The question is whether texting is merely a fad or a means of communication that will continue to see increased uptake. I’m guessing the latter is more accurate than the former.

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The Department of Justice has completed its investigation into text messaging rates, according to a story this morning from the Wall Street Journal, and opted not to intervene. The news marks a big win for the tier-ones, who had come under scrutiny following a series of drastic rate hikes that spurred charges of collusion. Those complaints seem like small potatoes, though, compared to some of the issues now being investigated by federal regulators in the mobile industry. Beltway types are increasingly look into handset subsidies and exclusive phone deals — practices that are underpinnings  of the industry in the U.S. — so carriers aren’t breathing much easier now that the SMS inquiry is in the rear-view.

Verizon Kills 4INFO Text Alerts

The nation’s largest wireless carrier has blocked a major offering from one of the nation’s largest text-alert services. Verizon Wireless (s vz) Friday night informed customers via SMS that they would no longer be allowed to use some ad-supported services from 4INFO.

JAJAH Can Transform Your iPod Touch Into an iPhone


With the introduction of microphone support and an external speaker, the gap between the iPhone and the iPod touch was becoming increasingly narrow. It was really only a matter of time before it happened, but one company, JAJAH is now claiming to have bridged the space between the two, and brought phone features to the iPod touch, going beyond what even existing VoIP apps have done in the past.

Specifically, JAJAH will allow you to not only make calls with your iPod touch, but also send and receive text messages. Of course, since the device lacks any kind of cellular antenna, you’ll have to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to use JAJAH’s phone features. You’ll also have to have an iPod headset with Mic, and you aren’t actually able to do any of this yet, because JAJAH is not currently available in the App Store. Just like the MMS solution we covered before, JAJAH is a white label service that will be offered for sale to other companies.
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2.9 Million Got Obama’s Text Message

Barack Obama’s text message is the big story here. Brian outlined the historical importance in an earlier post. Now we have more data about the text-message itself, thanks to Nielsen Mobile who describes it as “the single largest mobile marketing event in the U.S., to date.” They estimate that 2.9 million U.S. mobile subscribers received a text message from the Obama campaign over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Nielsen Mobile monitors shortcode marketing (the use of text-message shortcodes such as the 62262 “O-B-A-M-A”) through the world’s largest telecommunications bill-panel, an opt-in panel that reports on the billing activity for more than 40,000 subscriber lines in the U.S.

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