The newest phone app teens will hate but parents will love

With a reported 11 teens killed while texting and driving per day, parents are turning towards apps to limit their kids phone use behind the wheel. SecruaFone offers one for iPhone and Android handsets that diables some features when in motion, but it doesn’t stop there.

Safety last? the conundrum of connected cars

With no fear of federal regulation, carmakers are pursuing their “infotainment” strategy of packing cars with the latest consumer electronics. But it’s not clear that the states — which are already fighting distracted driving by cell phone users — will go along for the ride.

Infographic: Are mobile devices destroying your body?

Connected mobile devices make life easier, but are our bodies paying too high a price? Eyewear retailer Mezzmer culled a number of datapoints in an infrographic that gives a glimpse into the health complications brought by small screens, speakers and the ergonomics of using handheld computers.

Feds say you should stop texting (and talking) while driving

The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday recommended that states ban all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices, except in emergencies. What will this mean for connected cars, Pandora and the dying GPS market if states decide to get tough?

Will Ads Stop Your Dangerous Texting Habit?

vztextVerizon is showing off an advertisement today (that will run on TV starting Monday) aimed at stopping people from texting and driving, but it’s far too mild for me. I prefer something along the lines of this CTIA ad, which has some of the drama we’ve come to expect from public service announcements. However, the CTIA ad is aimed at teenagers rather than adults; given how many adults text or even just browse on their phones as they drive, perhaps they need an ad targeted at them, too. But will these ads, a bevy of upcoming laws and even the existence of sites like AKBadDriver’s tweet stream actually stop folks from texting (or reading emails) while driving? What about you? Take the poll below the fold. Read More about Will Ads Stop Your Dangerous Texting Habit?