Utilities embrace Green Button energy data project

Nine more utilities, and three large energy vendors, announced support on Thursday for the Green Button project, which enables utility customers to download their energy consumption data with a click of a button and also use that data for energy-saving apps.

Cities need open APIs to be efficient

The Climate Group has a new report out following up its seminal Smart2020 report, and the team is touting the benefits of open APIs (application interfaces) for creating more energy-efficient and smarter cities.

Green:Net: ICT Could Save 7.8 Gt by 2020

Molly Webb, head of strategic engagement at The Climate Group, said that applying Information and Communication Technology could be applied across transport, buildings, power and industrial building to reduce CO2 emissions by 7.8 gigatons by 2020.

WiMAX Dock Doubles Signal Gain

Motorola already offers a USB WiMAX solution for mobile road warriors. Indoor signal strength can sometimes be a challenge though. How about a dock for that USB stick that offers double the signal gain? There’s still one missing feature I’d like to see.

A Rally for Home Energy Information from Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN — Copenhagen has witnessed dozens of rallies and protests this week, but none like the geeked-out call to action that will occur on Tuesday afternoon here at the Bella Center as the climate negotiations move into the second week. A group including Google (s GOOG), General Electric (s GE), The Climate Group and the Natural Resources Defense Council plan to hold an event asking international governments to give consumers access to real time home energy information and the tools to cut their energy consumption.
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