How Spotify is working on deep learning to improve playlists

A Spotify intern and Ph.D. student published a blog post laying out his work to improve Spotify’s recommendation algorithms using deep learning to analyze the acoustic properties of songs. He hopes his models can help listeners discover new and relatively unheard music.

Spotify acquires The Echo Nest and its musical smarts

Streaming music service Spotify has acquired The Echo Nest and its graph of musical data spanning more than 35 million songs and 2 million artists. It’s an easy way for Spotify to match companies like Google and Pandora on the data science front.

Music site This Is My Jam could spin out from Echo Nest

A year after it launched as a skunkworks project inside music data company The Echo Nest, trendy social music site This Is My Jam is “looking at options” for going independent — as well as getting ready to launch some fun new site exploration features.

How vinyl records & big data make Spotify sound better

Record collectors have been using to catalog and trade their wares for years. Now, much of that user-submitted data is finding its way to Spotify and other online music platforms, thanks to a partnership between Discogs and the music data provider The Echo Nest.