The Economist unbundles digital from print subscriptions

It used to be an article of faith that a print subscription would give you access to a publication’s online offerings. That assumption is being tested by one magazine’s decision to “unbundle” its digital privileges.

Will Solid State Lighting Lead to More Energy Use?

A researcher’s report says that the growth of solid state lighting, replacing incandescents and compact fluorescents, could increase the consumption of light by a factor of ten within two decades. Ruh roh.

Standard at the New Standard: The Game of News

Diehards have tried to revive The Industry Standard, the original dot-com tome that went bust in 2001, more than once over the years. But even their most recent efforts have been met with, at best, muted enthusiasm. More evidence of a bubble, the New York Times declared of the latest revival; can the market bear one more tech pub? PaidContent asked. No one’s ever really thought a rerun of the house-party-throwing-new-economy-cheerleader was a good idea. (Wait a second…)

But this time the Standard holdouts and their patrons at IDG are onto something with The Standard deux (which comes out of beta today) — it’s just that this time what they’re onto isn’t really news, but gaming.

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