$1,000 Bitcoin: what people are saying

Bitcoin just broke $1,000, triggering new questions of whether it’s a bubble — or if you should buy some. Here’s a round-up of the latest hype, including what marketers and financial types are saying.

Happy Valentine’s, Google — see you in court

A British man has found some sympathy in the courts because Google did not delete false comments about him made on Blogger fast enough. Does his case open a backdoor to internet regulation?

A brief guide to tech lobbyists in Europe

Internet companies spend a lot of money lobbying governments to try and get what they want — and nowhere is the picture more complex than Europe. Here’s a quick look at who pulls the strings at federal and national levels.

How publishers are getting over the app debate: 3 examples

Fewer publishers are treating apps as a make-or-break business decision. Instead, a shift in the economics of app making means publishers can choose from a wider variety of app options that are tailored to the type of content they produce.

Get over it, haters – apps really are the future, says Wired publisher

There has been a growing revolt in the publishing community against the idea that iPhone and iPad apps are the best route to digital dollars. The Financial Times shuttered its apps this month while a popular essay by another publisher lamented that apps were a “collective delusion” and an expensive failure.

Paywall site Ongo, backed by NYT and WaPo, folds after 16 months

Paywall solutions are having a bad month. Google shuttered One Pass at the end of April. Now paywall and news aggregation site Ongo, which launched in January 2011 with $12 million in funding from the New York Times, Washington Post and Gannett, is closing.