Kabam joins the $1 billion club after Alibaba investment. Can it avoid the fate of Zynga?

Gaming company Kabam, creator of such little known hits as “Kingdoms of Camelot” and “The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth,” has joined the elite-ish $1 billion valuation club following a sizable Series E from Alibaba. With a “diversify and prosper” strategy, Kabam hopes to avoid the rocky roads paved by Zynga and Candy Crush’s King.com.

What’s most precious to The Hobbit? Broadband!

Shooting and sharing movie footage all over New Zealand makes for connectivity challenges, but the crew of The Hobbit is making do. But not with magic; heck, even a powerful wizard such as Gandalf has limitations. Portable satellites and six kilometers of cable bring them broadband.