Emerging markets still offer hope for new mobile OSes

A handful of mobile operating systems have struggled to challenge Android and iOS due to saturated smartphone markets and a lack of carrier enthusiasm. But while the internet of things will complicate matters, emerging markets still provide hope for the newcomers.

Twine project blows by funding goals thanks to Kickstarter

When Supermechanical turned to Kickstarter to crowdsource funding of its Internet of Things project, it’s doubtful even company co-founders would have thought that they’d reap nearly a half a million dollars — more than 1,000 percent of goal — with time to spare.

How iPads, phones & sensors will redefine our homes

An Internet-connected, sensor-based and iPad-managed terrarium — a micro ecosystem — by London-based product designer Samuel Wilkinson is an artful marriage of physical living and digital worlds and it could be a precursor for what home and gardens could become in the age of connectedness.

Smart objects may talk, but will we listen?

Web-enabling all manner of non-computery things — parking meters, pill bottles, umbrellas — means that people can be reminded to do something: feed the meter, take the meds, grab the bumbershoot. But designing the alerts — in addition to the devices themselves — is a key consideration.