How Clinton Campaign Mimics An Over-funded Startup


If we’ve learned anything from the desperate fight between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the democratic nomination for President, it is that success is never inevitable. (Image from award-winning cartoonist, Nick Anderson, of The Houston Chronicle.)

The analysis of why Obama surged so effectively against the self-proclaimed assumptive nominee, Clinton, has been instructive in all kinds of ways relevant to Found|READERs, especially a leader’s ability to communicate in a way that inspires the rank and file to action — a skill every founder ought to have. (See: The Difference btw. A Tactician and A Leader, Thought of the Day: ‘Yes you Can!’; Credentials vs. Judgment.)

Now this morning I’ve read what must be the most incisive and devastating postmortem on Clinton’s implosion, penned by none other than liberal New York Times columnist, Frank Rich. I call it to your attention because Rich’s descriptions of the Clinton Machine remind me too much of something else: the bloated, over-hyped, Kool-aid drinking, but strategically lethargic animal we know around here as the over-funded startup. Such characteristics of glutony do not guarantee success. They doom one to fail. Read More about How Clinton Campaign Mimics An Over-funded Startup