The Next Web: April 15-17, Amsterdam

thenextweb09With the U.S. tech conference season – TED, ETech & SXSW – behind us, the European scene is starting to warm up for spring with the Futuresonic festival, Thinking Digital, Future of Web Design and, more immediately, Amsterdam’s The Next Web.
The Next Web is now in its fourth year and will open with a day of unconference events as a lead-in to two days of scheduled keynotes, startup demos, awards and an expo hall. Speakers include Google’s Bradley Horowitz, CSS expert Eric Meyer and Andrew Keen, author of “Cult of the Amateur”.
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Nimbuzz for iPhone- VoIP anywhere in landscape

VoIP clients have been a bit slow to make their move onto the iPhone, no doubt that Apple certification process takes a long, hard look at them.  A new client is now available for the fruit phone, Nimbuzz which makes it possible to chat with your buddies using Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and Google Talk.  One of the coolest features of Nimbuzz has to do with how you can use the app on the iPhone in landscape mode so you have the widest view possible of your chat.  Nimbuzz is available from the Apple App Store now and you can sign up for an account at the Nimbuzz web site.  Full press release after the jump.


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Free as in beer? More ways to offer somethin’ for nothin’

10041free-beer-here-posters.jpgThe latest cover story in WIRED, called Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business (authored by Editor Chris Anderson of The Long Tail fame) has sparked a long list of blog posts on every aspect of ‘free’. I’d like to list some of my favorite ways of offering something to the market for free. Of course, lots of start-ups are focused on selling advertising directly or through Adsense, but there are other options to consider. The list isn’t complete of course, so please feel free to comment with other ideas!

Offer products for free and extract data from its use to sell

The best example I think is Newsgator. Newsgator offers several RSS readers and services (Newsgator, NetNewsWire, FeedDemon) and used to charge for them – they had actual revenue by charging for their products! Recently however, Newsgator decided to offer all readers for free. That way they gather a lot more data, which they will aggregate and offer as ‘attiontion data’ to publishers, journalists and other people interested in buzz. A risky way of transforming a business, but also one that could inspire a lot of other start-ups to rethink their sources of income.

If you want to learn more about this concept you should head over to the podcast section of Educators Corner by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, where Mitch Kapor talks about his new start-up Foxmarks. Read More about Free as in beer? More ways to offer somethin’ for nothin’

Top 10 Digital Cities

The Age (of Australia) has put together a list of top ten digital cities based on different metrics such as broadband speed, cost of bandwidth, wireless connectivity, technology adoption and future potential. It is no surprise Seoul tops the list of the cities, followed by Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Stockholm rounding off the top spot. In Seoul, “Broadband is available in four out of five Seoul households and costs just $40 a month for speeds up to 100Mbps.”

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