Stop crowing, London: it’s time to step it up

The British government’s constant adulation of the London startup scene reached its culmination this week with the news of a huge new redevelopment project. But the reality is that many of Britain’s smartest innovators are locked inside government and the rest look increasingly like poseurs.

With $1/day plan, Aereo snubs its nose at broadcasters

Aereo, the company that wants to deliver broadcast TV online and to any device, has a new pricing plan that puts it on par with a Hulu subscription. The plan aims to get folks to try it out and to challenge the broadcasters’ current revenue models.

So far, even the Olympics can’t budge our outdated TV models

Frustration with a lack of access, editing and the overall confusion about who can see what of the Olympics shows how frustrated consumers are about our outdated TV, but NBC has paid $1.18 billion to broadcast the games. Who is the consumer here?

Now BBC lets Brits watch the Olympics on Facebook

British Facebook users will be able to watch the Olympics without ever leaving the social network, after the BBC launched an app that streams up to 24 live video streams straight to viewers. It’s already running a trial with Wimbledon.

First London, now Paris: Metro gets free WiFi

Paris is following London by starting to provide free wireless access to subway travelers, thanks to a new initiative from WiFi service company GOWEX. With similar moves in New York as well, is this boost in transport connectivity a trend?

If Uber wants London, it faces the fight of its life

Private car hire service Uber is preparing to hit the British capital just in time for the Olympics, and the reality is that London, with its iconic black cab service, has the potential to make — or break — Silicon Valley’s latest transportation darling.