Is linking just polite, or is it a core value of journalism?

If a mainstream media outlet like the Wall Street Journal fails to link to a blog that broke the news they reported hours later, is that just a lack of courtesy or something more serious? The bottom line is that linking is about building trust.

CEOs increasingly going virtual, study finds

Forget Mad Men-era images of CEOs spending hours around conference tables. A research project reveals that while executives still spend a ton of time in meetings, modern CEOs increasingly use virtual tools to connect. What might this mean for corporate culture further down the ladder?

Today in Cleantech

The Wall Street Journal has a lengthy breakdown of the relationships between Microsoft,  and ARM and Intel in today’s paper, particularly as Steve Ballmer is slated to give what many believe will be his last keynote at CES. There’s nothing mindblowing in the article, though the most important issue may really be that the mainstream press is now starting to ask the question of how far ARM can move up the stack. The WSJ points out that Gartner projects the PC market to actually contract 1 percent this year and with the next Windows build, Windows 8, supporting ARM, it’ll be interesting to see if we see ARM ultrabooks. Because if we do, and we start to see more applications built for ARM laptops, then I think the code environment will change at the server level, making it easier for ARM’s low power chips to crack the data center.

iPhone apps for presidential primary and caucus season

With a competitive primary and caucus season upon us for the 2012 Republican Presidential race (the Democratic race is uncontested with President Obama running for re-election), your iPhone could be a handy guide in helping you decide whom to vote for.

Oil giant BP backs CoolPlanet BioFuels

Oil giant BP has invested in biofuel startup CoolPlanet BioFuels, according to an announcement on Thursday. CoolPlanet BioFuels is the biofuel startup you have never heard of but that has unusually famous investors like GE, Google, NRG Energy and ConocoPhillips.