Breached Bitstamp to resume trading during Friday, founder says

On Monday the bitcoin exchange Bitstamp suspended operations after discovering a security flaw that allowed the theft of around 19,000 bitcoins, worth roughly $5 million. On Friday morning, its co-founder said it would return later in the day. Bitstamp said on Wednesday it would reopen within 24 hours, and also that its customers wouldn’t lose money due to the incident. At the time of writing, the service has not yet reopened. Blockchain analyst Danno Ferrin wrote in a blog post on Thursday that the stolen bitcoins were likely “being spent or being prepared for spending.” Bitstamp co-founder Damijan Merlak told Reuters on Friday that the breach was under investigation by “various institutions” in Europe and the U.S.

New York Lawmaker Pushes Bill to Thwart Phone Theft

In New York, it’s not uncommon for someone to get their phone snatched right out of his hands on the subway, in the middle of Candy Crush Saga, by a hot-footed thief.

New York State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein wants to curb the practice, according to the New York Times, by requiring business to see or have “proof of ownership” (like a sales receipt) to buy or sell smartphones. While it wouldn’t stop one-off Craigslist sales or shadier practices, if it’s passed it could shine a light on where a phone goes after it leaves its owner’s hands. 

Why it’s wrong to call copyright infringement “theft”

We’ve gotten used to the content industries arguing that what happens when people download or make copies is “theft.” But using that term muddies the waters when it comes to what copyright is supposed to be about, and lends support to irrational laws and court decisions.

Find My Mac is reason enough to sign up for iCloud

Apple is including a tool in iCloud that should make signing up for it a no-brainer for Mac owners: Find My Mac, which went live for iCloud beta users Wednesday. Like Find My iPhone, the service provides an approximate location for all a user’s iCloud-connected Macs.

Get Mac Anti-Theft App Hidden Free Until January

If you’re getting or giving a new MacBook during the next couple of days, then grab Mac app Hidden, which provides a number of theft prevention services. Now until January 2011, the app is free. All you need to do is register, download and install.

3 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Theft

securityIf you’ve ever been robbed in a public place, you’ll know all too well the feeling of horror that ensues. For the remote worker on the road, that horror increases exponentially with the realization that you’ve lost your work, your colleagues’ details and data, your stored access passwords, and so on.

With your computer, that thief may also be able to access your and your contacts’ personal details, your online banking and payment accounts, email accounts, and other accounts on sites through which you may purchase goods, store sensitive data … the list just goes on! Read More about 3 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Theft

App Review: Caught You! — Make Your iPhone Rat Out Thieves

title=Caught You!

Oh the sheer horror of it! I’m feeling uneasy at the very thought of my iPhone getting half inched. At the moment, my strongest defense against thieves seems to be keeping my iPhone (s aapl) within a 1-foot radius at all times.

Beyond simply keeping a keen eye on one’s iPhone, it would be much more appropriate to leverage some of the device’s actual technology in an effort to ensure its safety and, at the very least, assuage the owner’s simmering worry.

Caught You! is the first app to hit the store that has awoken the tiny gadget-loving Bond inside of me: the app utilizes the iPhone’s raft of connectivity features — specifically 3G/Edge and GPS — in a bid to combat theft. Read More about App Review: Caught You! — Make Your iPhone Rat Out Thieves

Mac of All Trades II: Return of the Mac

It’s time for some more alchemy involving your beloved laptop or desktop companion. Just like last time, we’ll look at a few different apps that allow your Mac to perform some unusual tricks. That Apple is far from a one-trick pony, so forget about boring old internet browsing/photo and video editing/word processing. Prepare to add a “daddy” to the end of your Mac, and show all your friends just how cool you are. This batch will really help you “Bond” with your computer.

Saltwater Aquarium

Nothing says “international man/woman of mystery” like a saltwater fish tank. Whether you’re plotting to destroy the world, or just aiming to become a master of seduction, your lair should definitely house Finding Nemo and his buddies. Real aquariums are expensive and hard to maintain, but your Mac has you covered.

I know it has been around for a while, and it might not be the most useful software on the planet, but I still can’t get enough of SereneScreen’s Marine Aquarium. It comes in both pay and free editions, with the free version lacking the fish variety and customizability of the paid-for software. I set it up on my 32-inch LCD TV and let it run while working or entertaining.
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4 Mac Security Apps Compared

The security of your Mac can fall into a few different categories. One such category would be that of preventing data loss (i.e. making regular backups). Apple has helped to make this easy in recent years with the inclusion of Time Machine in OS X. Another category is trying to prevent, or minimize the problem of, theft. This is something more difficult to defend against than a corrupted hard drive, as it’s not just a case of regularly backing data up.
Because the theft of a laptop is a great deal less common than a failed hard drive, it can easily be overlooked by Mac users. Fortunately, there are a number of applications which can step in to help you locate a stolen or missing laptop. This article will provide an overview of several competing applications, comparing them on features and price.
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