Gmail Gets Colorful

Gmail, long a favorite of the Web Worker, has seen its share of upgrades and enhancements over the years, but the overall interface has generally remained static. That’s about to change as the official Gmail Blog announced the addition of color and theme options to jazz up your Gmail inbox.
While there are extensions and scripts available to customize the appearance, these are the first official theme options available. They are rolling the functionality out over the next couple of days but from the previews they look to be very well done.
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Resource Roundup: iWeb Themes

Let’s face it. iWeb allows just about anyone to create a website in minutes with little to absolutely no knowledge of web design. Add some text, drag and drop a few pictures… and BAM! you’ve got yourself a slick looking website. The only problem? It looks just like the thousands of other websites created by everyone else using iWeb. So to stand out from the crowd, consider investing a few dollars into a more unique theme. Here are a few good places to start looking.

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TM Themes – A new repository of TextMate themes

TM Themes

I’ve been a hardcore TextMate user for over a year now and really can’t function without it. It’s an app we’ve covered a number of times.

One thing I really love about TextMate is how extendible/customizable it’s themes are. I’m a visual coder and having a theme that I can customize to my coding style really speeds up development for me.

The Macromates website has a pretty extensive theme gallery with downloads of dozens of themes but other than that, there isn’t much else out there in terms of “repositories” for themes.

Today a new site dedicated specifically to TextMate themes launched, called TM Themes.

Right now the collection is quite slim but once that is expanded it should be much easier to find themes you like. There’s a rating and comment feature built in also to help you narrow down the good from the bad.

Be sure to check out the site and upload any custom themes you’ve created!