GigaOM RoadMap Rewind: A conversation with Nest’s Tony Fadell

The world’s first learning, connected thermostat from startup Nest, was sold out of 4 months of production in the first 72 hours, said Nest founder Tony Fadell in an interview at GigaOM’s RoadMap event last week. Check out the entire video Q&A.

Nest and the Apple-ification of the thermostat

The Nest burst onto the scene recently, making waves unlike any seen for a product you’d never guess anyone would care about: the home thermostat. Fadell talked about how his team is rethinking a 50-year-old industry with lessons from his days at Apple.

FAIL: Energy Savings Foiled by Dastardly Thermostats

Turns out programmable thermostats in our homes are almost as much of a nightmare to figure out as confounding DVRs. According to a recently-published study from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, a significant portion of users of programmable thermostats are incorrectly using them.