Zipcar looking to disrupt the moving business now

Car sharing company Zipcar says it plans to offer cargo vans — Zipvan — in a pilot project in San Francisco in response to customers showing an interest in renting large Zipcars by the hour for moving stuff around cities.

How connectivity is revolutionizing everything

Blazing fast networks, cheap silicon, always-on devices and a torrent of data will fundamentally change everything — how we consume media, how we work, and even who we are. We examined 10 areas that show how connectivity is profoundly changing the present and future of technology.

How the web and mobile can help with the full planet problem

The problem of feeding and providing energy to 9 billion people by 2050 will require many technology solutions. But in a unique way, the web and mobile can act as a sort of operating system for physical stuff, leading to more efficient use of resources.

10 Signs Web-Based Sharing Is Reaching a Tipping Point

While using the web to share “stuff” is still a relatively new concept, the business model is being adopted by a growing number of companies, and I think it has started to reach a tipping point and become more mainstream.

For ThredUP, Success Lies Outside the Early Adopters

Online children’s clothing swap website ThredUP has attracted a user base that, for the most part, lives their lives well outside of the tech industry echo chamber. And according to CEO James Reinhart, that’s a big reason why his company has been so successful.