Flow Platform aims to hook up real-time data streams

Flow Corp. says its new platform-as-a-service will help companies ingest and aggregate multiple data streams, filter them and deliver the right data to the right people or applications in real time. That all sounds great, but it’s a very tall order.

SaaS valuations: off the charts and staying that way

New research shows that software-as-a-service companies, which have been valued (much) higher than legacy software players, will continue to reap price premiums over the next 12 to 24 months. The numbers come from Martin Wolf’s M&A Advisors’ MW Index.

Who’s next on Oracle’s hit list?

So, what’s Oracle’s going to buy next? Here are five companies that might help the software giant fill in the check boxes on its public cloud, data analytics, management and infrastructure check list. Given Oracle’s bulging wallet, it doesn’t make sense to rule anything out.

Data for doctors: Big data meets a big business

Forget the division between structured and unstructured data. For the benefits of the big data era to reach businesses bottom lines or to change behaviors, companies will have to figure out how to bring the results of Hadoop analytics to HR and middle managers.

Is Tibco’s Buyout Rejection a Cloud Setback for HP?

Overlooked in the buzz following a Reuters report that acquisition talks between HP and enterprise software vendor Tibco have fizzled out is the possibility that the loss represents a setback in HP CEO Leo Apotheker’s grand cloud computing vision, as well as HP’s big data strategy.

Tibbr Wants to Make Business Data More Social

Tibbr takes a slightly different approach than the current crop of enterprise social networking tools: not only does it allow employees of a company to connect with one another, it also allows them to subscribe to information and events generated by their enterprise IT systems.