AT&T vs. the consumer: The throttling controversy grows

Last month, AT&T fought and lost a lawsuit over whether its throttling policies violated the terms of “unlimited” smartphone contracts. Matt Spaccarelli was awarded $850 for his efforts, but neither side is letting the issue drop.

Sprint to start limiting unlimited 4G broadband. Smartphones next?

One of Sprint’s only marketing advantages was its promise of unlimited 4G broadband. But that distinction is fading fast. Today, the carrier announced it was doing away with unlimited 4G mobile broadband for hotspots and devices and was instead instituting three new tiered data plans.

So what is a gigabyte for mobile users, anyway?

Now that the two largest mobile operators in the U.S. have abandoned unlimited data plans for new customers, understanding how much mobile broadband different activities use, is even more important. Here’s a list of guidelines to get you started, as well as a few online resources.

T-Mobile Puts the Asterisk in Unlimited* Data Plans

T-Mobile today announced new smartphone plans that increase in price based on voice minutes and the amount of 4G mobile broadband data a customer wants in a month. Is unlimited with an asterisk still unlimited? Technically, yes, but the definition is getting a little loose.

Netflix: ISPs Overcharging Subs With Tiered Data Plans

Netflix has been very successful in attracting new subscribers, specifically around its streaming video service. But the video subscription company says its business could be hurt by ISPs moving to tiered data plans, which Netflix claims are incredibly overpriced.