In His Stead: A Look at Tim Cook and What He Means for Apple

ref_05cookBy now, you’ll all have heard about Steve Jobs’ decision to take a temporary leave of absence in the face of growing health concerns, and you’ll also likely have have heard that Apple COO Tim Cook will be stepping in as acting CEO while he’s away. In the wake of the significant losses Apple’s stock prices have taken, it’s understandable to want to take a closer look at just who Tim Cook is, and, more importantly, at what he’ll mean for Apple with Jobs sidelined.

Despite definite personality differences (Jobs is animated while Cook is generally cool and reserved), most accounts agree that Cook will not bring any major changes in management style to the company. According to a statement to by former Apple employee Mike Janes, who was in charge of the online Apple Store for five years, Cook has in fact already been running the company for many years, while Jobs has been the public leader.

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Steve Jobs to Take Health-related Leave of Absence

Steve Jobs is handing over the company to COO Tim Cook as he is going to take a medical leave of absence that could last until the end of June 2009. Jobs in his letter says he is going to be back, but his recovery is going to take a lot longer than originally thought. In a previous message, he indicated that he had some hormone-related concerns. Jobs was also treated for pancreatic cancer a few years ago.

If you are looking for speculation about Jobs’ mortality, Apple and other ghoulish musings, you would be better served to look elsewhere. I respect his privacy and wish him speedy recovery and send him and his family my prayers and best wishes. Apple (s appl) CEO Steve Jobs has sent this note to employees, which the company has just released via a press release: Read More about Steve Jobs to Take Health-related Leave of Absence