Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBC, Sony, Blockbuster

Zucker Outlines Comcast/NBCU Transition Team; the “Operational Transition Team” will be led by Salil Mehta, NBCU’s president of business operations, strategy and development, and Joe Donnelly, CFO of Comcast’s programming group. (Multichannel News)

Sony to Use RealD Technology in 3-D TV Sets in 2010; the maker of Bravia televisions will use technology from RealD to make 3D-capable TV sets starting next year. (Bloomberg)

Blockbuster Launches iPhone App; the new app allows customers to locate the nearest stores and check on the in-stock status of certain titles, while also enabling customers to build and manage their list of online-rental requests. (Video Business)

Blu-ray Disc Association Completes 3-D Spec; the long-anticipated spec calls for every 3-D Blu-ray software/hardware product to work with any compatible 3-D display, regardless of whether it uses LCD, plasma or other technology. (Video Business)

Netflix Sued For Revealing Private Info; the same lawyer who brought a lawsuit over Blockbuster sharing data with Facebook has sued Netflix over sharing user data for its $1 million ratings contest. (TechDirt)

Bambuser’s Video Streaming iPhone App Hits the App Store; mobile streaming startup’s live streaming iPhone application was approved by Apple days after Ustream’s app was given the green light. (TechCrunch)

Pope Reaches Out to Cyber Youth With YouTube, Podcasts; Pope Benedict XVI is on YouTube, has a MySpace playlist, will podcast his midnight Christmas Mass, and will have a webcam broadcasting appearances from his apartment window overlooking St. Peter’s Square. (Bloomberg)

Showtime Picks Episodic for MMA Initiative; Showtime Sports selected Episodic to power the live online video initiative STRIKEFORCE: All Access. (

Watch The Buzz On Bitly.TV; Url shortener is aggregating the most popular videos shared through its service. (TechCrunch)

What If It’s Worse Than We Think?

[qi:115] When the financial crisis reached full bloom last fall, it took many technology companies some time before they were able to appreciate the impact it would have on them. This year, we’re seeing the fallout in the form big losses or shrunken profits, layoffs and other signs of retrenchment.

Alongside the pain, however, there’s a sense of optimism — that the worst is over and the tech industry just has to muddle through until the economy recovers. But the worst may not, in fact, be over; Financial Meltdown 2.0 might be lurking around the corner to deliver a second, possibly harsher blow. Read More about What If It’s Worse Than We Think?