Green Campaign Watch: “Emergency” Energy Rebate, Coal-Connected VP & Sierra Club’s Ad

Energy continues to dominate presidential politicking and Obama proposes a $1,000 energy rebate that he says could alleviate the stress of high energy costs. But when fighting energy costs we’ve also got to mind emissions, something that worries some about a potential running mate for Obama — Virginia governor Tim Kaine who’s a well-known coal advocate. Though environmentalists are still rallying around Obama, now paying for ads supporting Obama’s stance on big oil.

Obama Calls for “Emergency” Rebate: Speaking in St. Petersburg, Fla. at a town hall meeting this morning, Obama said his $1,000 energy rebate check needs to happen now. Originally proposed as part of a larger and later tax relief package, Obama said this “emergency” rebate is needed immediately to help consumers battle rising energy prices and a slumping economy. The rebate would be funded by taxes on the windfall profits of oil companies. Obama’s announcement coincides with news that unemployment rates hit a 4-year high last month at 5.7 percent as well as reports of ExxonMobil’s second quarter earnings of $11.68 billion, breaking their own record for biggest three-month profit ever.
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‘Where’s the keyboard?’ questions, answers and reactions

Ink_to_do_listI was on the run this weekend with the kids activities and toted Samantha, the Samsung Q1P everywhere I went. The mobility of the UMPC along with a wireless connection allowed me to attend the kids events but still get some work done when there was a lull in the action. For some reason, I had more questions about my device setup than I normally do. In just three short hours, I had seven folks come up and ask me about the small slate device and of course, I never mind sharing my thoughts on the subject. 😉

Everyone asked "where is the keyboard?", which I’ve come to expect as one of the first few questions on any slate Tablet PC…..

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MCI VoIP, Powered by Net2Phone

A lot of people including James Enck and Mr VoIP Abramson have been writing about MCI’s foray into consumer VoIP. Smart sleuthing by one of Net2Phone customer’s has proved without doubt that indeed Net2Phone is powering the MCI VoIP service. He used his Net2Phone log-in information on the MCI pages, and he sailed through. I have been getting similar emails from another source, but time limitations and slow confirmations prevented me from writing. James has the complete lowdown on this. MCI is not making any statements, but neither is Net2Phone. What I have been able to pick up from my sources is that it is a “trial” and it doesn’t necessarily mean that this could turn into a long term business. MCI as you know is in the process of being bought out by Verizon. One must see the irony of the situation – at one time Net2Phone as ever so close to AT&T. In related news, there is word that IDT is looking to buy back Net2Phone. Something about this doesn’t seem right! If you remember, Net2Phone, was spun off from IDT in July 1999.