RIP, Tim Russert

Sundays will never be the same. Earlier today, Tim Russert, the man who hosted “Meet The PressNation” on NBC, passed away. He apparently succumbed to a heart attack, although the exact cause of death has not yet been determined. It was a rude reminder of the fragility of life, and how quickly it comes to an end. It also reminded me of my own brush with mortality and how lucky I am to be around. Russert was a gold standard for many of us in the media business — a role model who never disappointed, constantly prodded and almost always informed.

Watching Russert, I learned how to ask tough and uneasy questions, be charming when charm was called for and indulge in indignation when an iron fist was necessary. Moreover, I learned how important it is to never be malicious, angry or improper — even though that has become the way of the world. At 58, he died too soon, for I think he would have liked to cover the historic upcoming elections. He passed while hard at work, and I suspect he wouldn’t have had it any other way. Not meeting him is the first big regret of my life.