Check Out This Working CSS3 Version of Apple’s Wireless Keyboard

Ready for an awesome mid-week time-waster? Check out this fully functional Apple Wireless Keyboard designed in CSS3 by Dustin Cartwright. As you type in the provided text box, watch the virtual keys depress in time with the keys on your hardware keyboard.

Your Monthly Time Waster: Cocktail Match

Cocktail Match

Cocktail Match

Okay, confess. You work hard for hours on end, never budging from the keyboard, and then, you digress. You get distracted. You find a blog or a site or a Web app that is nonsense, that is fun or funny, that has absolutely nothing to do with your work.

Well, I’m here to say that you are not alone and to prove it, every month or so, I’ll post a new blog, site or app that will truly waste your time. I should know. Because I’ve been there and gotten sucked into the vortex of distraction and lost precious time. But I truly believe we need those occasional distractions or we will go absolutely mad.

Presenting…Cocktail Match

Adhering to the theory that “You are what you drink,” Cocktail Match allows you to create your own virtual bar (VBar) based around your cocktail preferences and invite friends to socialize. Talk about niche social networking. And I thought social networks for cats, dogs and hamsters was really niche.

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Pandora: no bad music on your cell phone

Pandora_mobileThis almost makes me wish I was a Sprint customer, but hopefully Pandora’s new partnership will trickle across carriers. My favorite music service (and how could it not be?) will now be available on Sprint handsets: free for the first 30 days and just $3 a month (on top of the Sprint Power Vision fee) after that. Pandora will be pre-installed on some phones while others will have to download a Pandora client from their handset web browser. There are five handsets supported in the initial roll-out with more on the way. (Note to Microsoft: Pandora on Zune…good WiFi function?)

We’ve covered Pandora a number of times before but the quick recap and reason why we love it so: it analyzes the songs and artists you like to determine what audio attributes are appealing to you. Pandora plays songs that have similar attributes which in turn means you end up hearing songs that you enjoy listening to. It’s an amazing service that just became more mobile with the Sprint deal; for Sonos music owners: Pandora is coming to your home too, joining Rhapsody, Napster, Zune Marketplace and other streaming music services.

(via TechCrunch)

How much is Blackberry worth?

RIM people tell me that they now have 3 million users, last six months bringing in a cool million, Great news for the company, but just wanted to do a little valuation check on the company. Stock market values RIM at $13.04 billion, or roughly $4347 a subscriber. Ironically, the market cap, hence the value of a subscriber dropped by nearly a third in the time the company added a million subscribers. Meanwhile, yet another RIM is Dead article, this one from Bloomberg Markets Magazine. (pdf alert)