How to make time zone separation work to your advantage

Sure, staying up until the wee hours to talk to your colleague in Israel or Asia may be a bummer, but both a business professor and practitioners say that, with the right tools, working across multiple time zones can actually be a benefit.

Tales from the trenches: Orange Business Services

Looking at the previous two Tales from the Trenches, a reader could get the impression that all web workers are employed by small firms or as independent contractors. But large organizations are putting the advantages of wired working to use as well, including global telecom giant Orange.

World Time Buddy Helps to Schedule Meetings Across Time Zones

One of the problems with collaborating with people in multiple time zones is figuring out suitable times to hold meetings. There are apps that can help, but they’re often clunky and tricky to use. Enter Word Time Buddy, an app that makes selecting meeting times easy.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Working Across Multiple Time Zones

If you manage a virtual team, time zone differences can be a major source of confusion and miscommunication. Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned about dealing in multiple time zones that may help you stay in sync with your team.

How to Plan Virtual Meetings With a Global Teleworking Team

1154861_earth_3d1As organizations and businesses loosen their geographic borders, their teams will be composed of members from all over the globe. From a small web design group to an entire staff of offshore workers, we’ll soon find ourselves working with people from different time zones.
But working with such a team can be maddening. How do you tame the time zone madness and plan your meetings as efficiently as possible? Read More about How to Plan Virtual Meetings With a Global Teleworking Team

Yahoo! Search Buzz for 2007: People Taking Action

Today Yahoo! Buzz unveils its Top Trends in Search for 2007 with the top ten news stories, top ten troubled celebrities, and the top ten in tech. But beyond those categories, Yahoo’s lists reminded me that web search is not simply about finding information; it’s often the launch point for action. No wonder advertisers continue to use search to show off their goods! Web search doesn’t just bring you world news and celebrity gossip — it can help you make things happen, whether you want to give an old couch a new home, keep your pets and kids healthy, or find a Wii for Christmas. Here are some key Yahoo! Buzz 2007 findings. Read More about Yahoo! Search Buzz for 2007: People Taking Action