Today in Cleantech

Time’s environmental reporter, Bryan Walsh, took a look at 2012 and the subsidy environment for renewable energy. Quite simply if the Production Tax Credit (PTC) is not renewed for wind power and if the Treasury Department’s section 1603 program, which gives cash grants to renewable energy projects, sunsets on December 31st, we’re headed for a rough couple years. A wind energy industry sponsored piece of research from Navigant Consulting (Navigant called the plunge in solar PV prices) says the industry will lose 37,000 jobs if the PTC expires. More problematic in my eyes is the difficulty of making renewable energy price competitive when the industry must constantly adjust to drastic shifts in the subsidy environment, particularly when wind and solar power are getting incrementally cheaper every year.

How to Keep iPhoto Events in Order With Time Adjustments

Sometimes, photos in your iPhoto Events can be completely out of order. Taking the time to sync the internal clocks on each camera you own is always good, but there’s a way to adjust the time of all of your photos in your library itself, too.

Lessons From The Atlantic: Cannibalize Yourself First

The Atlantic magazine took a radical approach to surviving in the web era: It set out to deliberately disrupt its own business, rather than letting someone else do it. Traffic has climbed, revenues have almost doubled and it is profitable for the first time in years.

How Much Time Does Social Media Marketing Take?

In 2008, Beth Kanter blogged about how much time it should take to implement social media. She created a diagram to illustrate the main social media activities and the hours per week it takes to implement them. I’ve created my own up-to-date version of the figure.

Time Magazine Dons An Online Condom

Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way. didn’t go behind a paywall this week and there aren’t plans for that to happen. Technicall…

Apple’s Time Mystery Solved

When Apple first revealed the iPhone back in 2007, many hardcore fans with a keen eye noticed that the images of the then-new smartphone device displayed a somewhat unusual timestamp. All official images released by Apple showed the time on the iPhone as 9:42.

Apple Lists iPad-Compatible Video Sites

So Ryan Lawler plum wore himself out this morning by discussing what video sites, including NBC, ABC and Netflix, may not be iPad (s APPL) compatible when the device hits stores this Saturday. Which leaves me to come tell you that Apple has now posted their own guide to iPad-ready web destinations.

Presented under the context of highlighting the iPad’s use of Safari as its primary browser, the list ranges from CNN to Virgin American to Major League Baseball to — the key issue being each site’s HTML5 video compatibility. Not all videos are promised to be viewable though: Vimeo’s player “displays most videos on iPad” (emphasis mine). Meanwhile, only “recently published video” on will be compatible. Read More about Apple Lists iPad-Compatible Video Sites

Wall Street Journal to Charge $17.99 a Month for iPad Subscriptions

Just when you thought the iPad might be able to breathe some life back into the failing print industry, the industry itself seems dead set on making sure that doesn’t happen. Well, certain parties within the industry at least, like maybe News Corp. for instance, if a recent report appearing in the Wall Street Journal about planned iPad subscription pricing is any indication.

The report, which, you’ll remember, appeared in the WSJ itself, cited “a person familiar with the matter” as the source of the information that the Journal would be charging $17.99 per month for iPad subscribers when the device launches next month. No, that’s not a typo where I accidentally switched “per month” for “per year.” Read More about Wall Street Journal to Charge $17.99 a Month for iPad Subscriptions