Report: You will start seeing more tweets in your Google searches

Google and Twitter have rekindled their friendship, according to a new report out from Bloomberg. Twitter will grant access to its tweets to Google, which will start displaying them in search results. Bloomberg says we can expect to see this happen in the first half of 2015.

Previously, Google would occasionally surface tweets but it had to trawl Twitter to pull them itself. Now, Twitter will directly feed the information to Google, automating the process. The tweets will display as soon as they’re posted. It’s similar to a partnership Twitter and Google struck between 2009-2011 that eventually ended after Twitter decided not to renew it.

The news comes on the precipice of Twitter’s fourth quarter earnings call tomorrow. The company has been pulling out all the stops to make itself look stronger prior to the call. It announced a host of new products, from new user instant timelines to direct group messaging, it acquired India-based notifications company ZipDial, and unrolled its new external advertising strategy.

Facebook opens the door to how it organizes your newsfeed

Why does one person’s timeline look totally different from another person’s, even if they share many of the same friends and like the same brands? Facebook responded to recent criticism over the surfacing of posts, saying it tries to reduce the number of posts users dislike.

AT&T shoots for 2015 launch of new LTE network

AT&T aims in three years to have a new LTE network up in the airwaves the FCC just approved for 4G use. In the rather plodding world of telecom, three years is a quick timeline. But AT&T has political and strategic reasons for moving soon.

France calms fears over Facebook Timeline scare

A French tabloid set off a temporary worldwide panic that Facebook had published the private messages of its users. France’s privacy regulator has now accepted the company’s explanation that this didn’t happen — but did blame Facebook for stirring up confusion.