Cheezburger Network Gets Real With Bag of Misfits

The Cheezburger Network, which never met a meme it wasn’t afraid to aggregate, has another experiment in store. Instead of captioning pictures of cats, though, the new channel tackles a genre left previously to hidden camera shows and MTV’s Jackass: reality comedy.

Vid-Biz: Time Warner, Comcast, Google

Time Warner Sales Dropped 6% to $7.1B in Q3; company’s networks including Turner and HBO saw growth with revenue up 5 percent to $2.9 billion. (CNET)
Comcast Profits Up 22% to $944M in Q3; cable company wouldn’t talk about the NBC acquisition deal. (paidContent)
Google to Bulk Up Video Chat for Apps users; company looking to broaden it to more than just two participants. (SFGate; see our recent story on Vidyo, which helps power the feature and has multi-participant capabilities)’s OneSource Gets IAB Certification; company says it’s the first dedicated video ad service platform to receive ad measurement certification. (emailed release)
Paramount Files Comments with the FCC Over Star Trek Piracy; studio’s letter came in response to the FCC’s request for feedback on its National Broadband Plan. (Ars Technica) (See our previous coverage)
Blockbusters Could Boost DVD Numbers This Quarter; 13 movies that made over $200 million globally at the box office are being released in Q4. (The Wrap)
Tom Green Talks Up His Web Show; says his is the long-running Internet talk show, and it’s profitable though it doesn’t have a sponsor now. (The Hollywood Reporter; we took a tour of his home studio last year)

Errol Morris and Tom Green, Lehman Bros. News: NTV Station Today

The extended version of Errol Morris’s Stand Up To Cancer features interviews with a wide spectrum of cancer survivors (including Friend of NewTeeVee Tom Green) about their experiences — it’s an intensely human eight minutes of humor and sorrow.

And lacking, as I do, a keen understanding of basic economics, when a major story like Lehman Brothers going bankrupt breaks, I turn to the news media for more information. But how do two different agencies use online video to cover these incidents? We compare the Associated Press and Bloomberg’s coverage of the recent economic turmoil over on NewTeeVee Station!

A Tour of Tom Green’s Home Studio

The thing that strikes you about meeting Tom Green is how…polite he is. The same guy who walked around interviewing people with a piece of poo on a microphone apologized to us (repeatedly) for being late to our 9:30 a.m. tour of his studio and offered to make us coffee. From his coffeemaker. Which is in his kitchen. Which is in his house. Which is where we were standing.

Tom Green rocketed to fame in the 90s through his guerrilla-style comedy antics on MTV. Like so many other MTV-manufactured stars, his star wattage dimmed, but Green has reinvented himself for the web age, literally transforming his Hollywood house into a talk show set and full production studio (it’s pretty amazing).

Tom Green’s House Tonight is broadcast live from his living room every night — well, almost every night. Green admits that the schedule is somewhat erratic and dependent on when they can get guests to arrive, which adversely affects the size of the audience that tunes in live. But according to Green, his show is doing 1-2 million downloads a month.

The show’s on hiatus for the next few weeks as Green hosts a game show for an oldteevee network and works on getting a major sponsor to fund his program. It was in this downtime that we were able to stop by his home for a visit and get a video tour (embedded above) to see how this two-man production studio makes the show happen.