MVNO FreedomPop swaps Clearwire’s WiMAX for Sprint’s LTE

FreedomPop, a mobile virtual network operator focusing solely on data, has reached an agreement with Sprint to resell its 3G and 4G services. The deal will allow FreedomPop to trade up on its agreement with Clearwire, exchanging its limited WiMAX footprint for Sprint’s eventual near-nationwide LTE coverage.

FreedomPop starts taking orders for 4G iPhone sleeve

Though FreedomPop remains mysterious on the exact timing , its “free” mobile broadband service seems to be nearing a launch date. It has started selling its WiMAX iPhone sleeve online and also revealed it won’t deliver as much free data to customers as it originally advertised.

FreedomPop’s plan to become the anti-carrier

FreedomPop is even more ambitious than we had imagined. It’s not just giving away gobs of free data; it plans to create the carrier equivalent of Web startup and in the process turn 4G capacity into a currency that can be earned and traded.

FreedomPop’s plan: an iPhone, a WiMAX shell and 1 GB free data

Instead of providing a stand-alone smartphone, FreedomPop plans to sell a WiMAX modem shell, which customers can fit over their iPhones. Getting the iPhone itself appears to be the customer’s concern, but Freedom may convince them with one 1 GB of free data.

FreedomPop extends the Web’s freemium model to mobile data

FreedomPop plans to give away mobile data access to most of its customers for free, charging only premium users a monthly fee. If can it can make the math work, it could potentially shake up the wireless market, extending mobile data to broad swathes of the population.