Use iPhone Optimized Web Sites On Your Desktop For Greater Productivity

We’ve talked about Site Specific Browsers like Bubbles in the past and while I have found them to be useful in some instances, it’s only with the proliferation of web applications with iPhone optimized interfaces that I have really started using them.

I have found that setting up multiple SSB windows ,each containing the iPhone view of a web application, allows me to create a dashboard of sorts on my spare monitor. At a glance, I can view my stable of important apps in nice compact, consistent windows.

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Just 4% of YouTube Videos Come From Partners

Do only 4 percent of YouTube videos come from its partners? That’s another tidbit gleaned by the Wall Street Journal from an unnamed source in its story this morning about the site’s problems with monetization. A YouTube spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the figure.

YouTube only sells advertising against videos from its partners (who can be popular users, media companies, or anyone else with a formal deal), in part out of concern that it will be accused of making money from other people’s copyrighted content. YouTube does offer copyright holders the option of uploading their content, scouring the site for it, and monetizing unauthorized uploads of the same clips.

It’s shocking to hear that YouTube would consider something as counter to its philosophy as showing pre-roll ads, which the company itself has acknowledged that its users despise. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to milk 4 percent for all it’s worth.

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LiveU Raises $9M for Live Broadcasting Hardware

LiveU, a mobile live broadcasting system, has raised $9 million in Series B funding, according to Globes Online. We first covered the company in our “One to Watch” feature in February.

The Kfar Saba, Israel-based startup has built a piece of hardware meant to displace television news satellite-transmission trucks. It combines existing cellular, Wi-Fi and WiMAX signals to transmit live video. Half the size of a laptop, the device can (supposedly) reliably and cheaply deliver up to 2 MB per second.

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No jog dial on your Tablet? Two old friends to the rescue.

Miniscroller_2I mentioned in my first impressions of the HP 2710p that the lack of a jog dial like that on the tc1100 was a big oversight on HP’s part.   This is particularly evident while web browsing, especially reading feeds in Google Reader. Without an easy way to move up and down the page the experience is not as enjoyable as it could be.  Today as I spent more time with the 2710p, I remembered two old friends that have rekindled the passion for web browsing and more than make up for the lack of the jog dial.

The first friend is for Firefox users, the Grab and Drag extension. Nothing is easier than dragging the web page all over to reach those hard to browse parts of the page. Highly recommended.  The second friend is a utility that transforms the Google Reader experience into one of pure joy. It was a Freeware of the Moment pick way back when and it still lives up to that designation . Miniscroller adds up/down arrows, page up/ page down keys and more right on the screen. Using Miniscroller I can spin through feeds so fast it’s great. Don’t leave home without it.

MacBooks to get integrated WWAN?

Phone News is reporting that Apple may be adding integrated WWAN (3G) to the MacBook line soon.  Apple added support for EVDO directly into the OS making them the first OEM to do so and this only makes sense.  Interestingly the report says the wireless module will be an ExpressCard module situated behind the LCD screen for better reception.

The contract Apple has signed calls for integration into MacBooks via an integratedExpressCard module. However, Apple is planning to design the card to beseated behind the display panel, removing RF interference and enhancingsignal quality. Details however are scarce on the addition however. Itis not known which carrier has been select if the aircard module isUMTS or EV-DO, or if Apple plans to support multiple carriers.

First engagement news on Twitter?


If it wasn’t the very first, I’m sure it was among the first! Pardon the off-topic post, but I wanted to share some personal news that my Twitter friends already saw. I’m getting married! Actually, this news isn’t really that off-topic: if it wasn’t for Barb’s never-ending support, I wouldn’t be blogging or podcasting. She knows that my ultimate goal is to leave the full-time corporate world behind in favor of working on mobile tech writing, videos and podcasts. She’s rarely complained about my daily grind of working a full-time job and blogging part-time (OK, full time on some days!). In fact, she used to participate in a podcast with me that actually got us featured on the 11pm news here in Philly (16 MB WMV file) almost two years ago.

I’m very lucky since she’s an amazingly beautiful and intelligent person in her own right; what more could one ask for in a life partner? This will be a second marriage for each of us, so we may not be completely traditional. In fact, we started breaking tradition with a Palladium engagement ring (after the jump) since Barb has a degree in fashion design and has her own great sense of style. Instead of a solitaire diamond, we opted for something that fits her style every day: intricate design in the middle and diamond chips on the edges. Thanks for all of the warm wishes on Twitter and remember when you read a post by me here, you wouldn’t be able to read it if I didn’t have Barb’s support.

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Dave Matthews Stand Up & Crash Your PC

Dave Matthews’ is a musician I don’t care much about. I especially don’t care for his new album, Stand Up, that is said to be crashing Windows PCs. The CD forces you to install some software, and if you refuse and eject the CD, the next time you try and play it again, your PC will go boom! In words of Photo Matt “this is a very bad thing.” Yet another example of record companies are doing dumb things, in order to save their coke-snorting, martini swilling, price-gouging business model, that no longer works.

Consumer Reluctance on VoIP… So Far

My former boss, David Churbuck had some thoughts and I thought, well time to share them with you…

Consumer reluctance on VoIP is, I think, due to a few things.
1. Switching costs. Inertia is difficult thing to break. Some segment of the population will switch broadband providers or long-distance carriers are the mere whiff of a savings or some frequent flier mileage. Not for most.
2. Features. Your average Joe needs to see a compelling feature set, other than cost, to drive the cross-over. VoIP has lots of compelling office applications, but no one is marketing any “must-have” residential features.