11 Gadgets to Organize Your Workspace

Although our work is steadily moving to the cloud, we still have a physical space to maintain and keep in order, whether that’s in a traditional office, a home office or from the road. Here are a few gadgets to help you keep your workspace organized.

Pick the Right Collaboration Tools for Your Business

“If you’re bolding the bullet points in your email” said a friend of mine recently, “your email’s too long.” Few web workers would disagree. But that comment made me wonder whether the tools we’re using to communicate are becoming more important than the communications we’re having.

How the iPod Nano Could Be an Awesome Productivity Tool

One of the gifts I really enjoyed receiving this Christmas was an iPod nano. What immediately struck me was that with a few minor feature and hardware adjustments, the nano could be the ideal smartphone-paired watch, and an amazing tool for the connected worker.

Put Your Media Center to Work

If you work from home, having a TV in the vicinity can be distracting. But that same TV could also be the unexpected source of some extra help in the productivity area, if you happen to have a media center PC hooked up to it.

Is Web Working in Apple TV’s Future?

So I broke down and got one of the new Apple TVs, despite my initial objections. There was a few reasons why I did, some of which I’ve detailed at TheAppleBlog recently. But the future possibilities of the Apple TV for web working also intrigue me.

Defining — and Finding — Truly Great Tools

Here at WWD, we constantly receive announcements from developers releasing new tools. Time tracking, project management, invoicing, contact management, content management, bookmark management, scheduling — you name it, they’ve built it, and we’ve reviewed it. The question remains, though: what makes a tool truly great?