A Land Grab Is Under Way in Hyper-Local Media

As the online media game gets increasingly saturated, a new land rush is building in the hyper-local market, according to Topix CEO Chris Tolles, who says AOL’s ambitious rollout of its Patch.com network of local news sites is just the beginning of the land grab.

Topix Gets Local With Twitter and Social With Facebook

Local news aggregator Topix has rolled out a suite of new features, including a new Twitter service that sends local news to users based on their location, as well as the integration of Facebook’s social plugins on topic pages, and a doubling of the news content.

Outside.in to AOL’s Patch: Bring It On

Mark Josephson, CEO of hyper-local news aggregator Outside.in, isn’t concerned about AOL pouring $50 million into its Patch.com hyper-local news operation. He says that while they are both going after local advertising, the two services are very different and there’s plenty of room for everyone.