Topsy could help fill in Apple’s big hole — big data

The tech world is wondering how Apple plans to utilize the assets it acquired by buying Topsy, which focuses on collecting and analyzing Twitter data. I suspect Apple is trying to fill a big data void in its platform battle against Google.

As the firehose matures, Twitter tightens grip on valuable asset

PeopleBrowsr, a company that provides marketing analytics based on the full stream of data from Twitter called the firehose, is suing Twitter for access to that stream. While Twitter is closing down who has access to the firehose, it shows where the company is headed.

Can watching Twitter trends help predict the future?

Researchers are busy trying to use Twitter to predict everything from disease outbreaks and financial markets to elections and even revolutions. New research from Topsy Labs shows that Twitter can provide a window into events like the Arab Spring. But can it predict what will happen?

New Twitter Search Is Nice, But Still Needs Work

Twitter is rolling out some new features for its search, including the ability to see tweets ranked by relevance, but the bad news is that there is still much more the company needs to offer if it is really going to do search properly.

Facebook Faces Stiff Competition in Social Search

Could Facebook’s social search patent mean that it is building an alternative to Google? If so, the social media giant will have to set itself apart in a field already crowded with big players and some innovative upstarts.