Can Web Clip TV Shows Make a Comeback?

There hasn’t been much luck in building TV shows around web clips. Bombs like Online Nation and Web Junk practically killed the category, and we haven’t seen any attempts to bring the format back — that is, until now. Both Comedy Central and G4 have thrown their viral video hats into the ring to see if they can revive the genre.

First up is Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. The intro is lifted straight from E!’s The Soup (funny, considering its competition — more on that in a minute). Host Daniel Tosh stands in front of a green screen and makes jokes about vid clips and other stuff from the web. I was all prepared to hate it, but I’ll admit, Tosh is pretty entertaining, and I laughed out loud uncontrollably a few times.

Tosh.0 Thurs June 4th, 10pm / 9c
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Thankfully, the entire show isn’t just riffs on clips. In the “Web Redemption” segment, Tosh visits the Afro Ninja, whose ill-fated spill while performing a back flip is in the pantheon of viral videos. Tosh puts a human face on Ninja (real name: Mark Allen Hicks), and gives him a second shot at finishing that flopped flip.

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