The U.K.’s smart meter plan kicks into high gear

By the end of the decade almost all of British homes are supposed to get smart, digital, connected utility meters installed. And the plan is seeing some large contracts handed out to vendors like Landis+Gyr and Telefonica.

Home solar leasing business shines for SunPower

SunPower is signing up residential solar leases at a nice pace in the U.S. while seeing a good demand for its highly efficient solar panels in Japan’s residential market. The company is still posting losses, though it’s doing better than in previous quarters.

Stick a fork in netbooks, they’re done

Goodbye Eee PC and all other netbooks from Asus; the company is no longer producing the small laptops. Acer followed Asus into the netbook market and is following it out as well. What happened to this once quickly growing market? Tablets disrupted the space.

Batteries should be part of the future of Internet infrastructure

Batteries used for content delivery networks could provide power savings up to 14 percent over networks without batteries, and that could increase up to 35 percent if new types of servers were created that could move in and out of different levels of energy states.