App Review: Streaks — Rewarding You for Repetitive Behavior


A calendar specifically designed for tracking your goals, Streaks aims to join the pantheon of excellent iPhone productivity apps.

Both the touch and the iPhone, the latter in particular, are ideal platforms for productivity tools. The connected nature of the pocketable Apple (s aapl) devices means we can be grabbing all sorts of data about our daily lives — processing, tracking and taking action.
This latest productivity app, Streaks, is an interesting offering in that it totes only one feature — tracking a repeated task on a day-to-day basis. The objective in using the app seems to be to motivate the user in to staying on course and so gives a serious boost to productivity. Read More about App Review: Streaks — Rewarding You for Repetitive Behavior

Weekly App Store Picks: March 7, 2009


It’s the first Saturday of March, which means one thing: grab your iPhone, prime your mind, and focus your eyeballs, because I’ve got another selection of fresh App Store picks for you.

Before we get to this week’s apps, there’s a stack of Apple (s AAPL) happenings to run through. In App Store-related news, game development outfit Last Legion announced a Watchmen MMO will be hitting the iPhone and iPod touch soon.

TheAppleBlog also kicked off the App Review series last week. I’ll be reviewing new apps several times a week from here on in, and so far I’ve checked out Caught You, Smack Me and Tap Tap Revenge 2.

The folks over at RIM (s RIMM) have launched App World for the BlackBerry. Notably, there’s a $2.99 lower threshold in terms of the pricing point; this could be handy in keeping out the riffraff. Despite this news, I’m thinking that RIM has some serious catching up to do with its devices over the next year, particularly in light of both the iPhone and Palm’s Pre.

Of course, the big news this week was Apple’s curiously low-key product line refresh. We covered it all right here at TheAppleBlog, and so there are dedicated articles for the new iMacs (I’ll be getting one!), new Mac minis, refreshed Airport Extreme and Time Capsule, plus updated processors, keyboards and hard drives.

Moving on to this week’s app picks, I’ll be looking at Inquisitor: Simple Web Search + News Search, Kindle for iPhone, NYTimes, Remix DJ: Speak EX and Papaya Premium.

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Weekly App Store Roundup: Jan. 3, 2009

Grab a party hat, don your celebratory garb and prepare to get your freak on because, praise be, it’s the first ever Weekly App Store Roundup of 2009.

Indeed, with Macworld drawing near, attendees should immediately check out our very own Conference Schedule — it’ll make sure you’re consistently in the right place at the right time.

In the meantime, those who can’t make it can attend vicariously through TheAppleBlog: we’ll be bringing you the latest Macworld coverage throughout. And, if you can handle even more Apple-happenings being foisted into your giddy brain-box, then read on for my picks from the App Store this week.

This week I’ve been looking at Shoutcast Radio, SledMania, Fnorder and Crayon Physics.
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Firefox 3.1 Beta Supports Multi-Touch Gestures

The latest Firefox beta has enabled support for multi-touch gestures on the latest Apple laptops (including the MacBook Air, and late 2008 MacBook/Macbook Pro). Multi touch gestures already provide a whole new way to use Expose on your Mac, and it seems that Firefox is likely to beat Apple to integrate the functionality into a web browser.

Shortly after Apple’s latest notebook refresh in October, an experimental build of Firefox was released that allowed Mac users to utilize the functionality of the multi-touch trackpad in the browser. As of the latest Firefox beta (v3.2), these features have been integrated into the official version.
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Weekly App Store Roundup: Oct. 11, 2008

With the iTunes App Store growing at an astonishing rate, it’s getting tough to sort the innovative wheat from the iPhone-clogging chaff.  Our Weekly App Store Roundup highlights the most essential store additions, from entertaining freebies to time-saving tools and invaluable apps.

This time we’re looking at Free RSS Reader, Menstrual Calendar and three freebies from Japanese game shop Hudson Soft.

Free RSS Reader  (free) – Most of the RSS readers in the store cost a few pennies, however Free RSS Reader lives up to its wonderfully descriptive name.  It’s not particularly feature-rich but it costs nothing, reads RSS feeds and even stores them for viewing offline.  Grab it now and add TAB to your feeds list.

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