Quick tip: Tame your mouse on OS X Lion

You may have found that since upgrading to OS X Lion, your browsing experience with Safari has changed slightly. Your web page could be jumping out at you for no obvious reason due to increased touch sensitivity. Here are some possible fixes.

WebOS nearing the end of the road

The end is reportedly nigh for webOS. According to a report by the Guardian, HP is set to kill off its webOS mobile operating system, affecting some 500 jobs, after receiving apparently no interest in the OS it bought from Palm for $1.2 billion.

Best aspect of Kindle Fire? 7-inch tablet price pressure

Amazon’s Kindle Fire may be a feature-rich 7-inch tablet, but it has a key attribute that competitors need to pay attention to going forward: the $199 price tag. The market simply won’t support $499 tablets of this size, so look for cheaper tablets in the future.

Report: Amazon eyeballs HP’s WebOS

If Amazon ends up buying the WebOS business from Hewlett-Packard, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. HP killed its TouchPad device, said it was seeking options for the operating system, and former WebOS poohbah Jon Rubinstein sits on Amazon’s board.

Gartner: Still no true iPad challengers through 2015

Tablet sales will continue to rise from 17.6 million sales last year to 326.3 million by 2015, says Gartner, but the iPad will still dominate the market. There’s good reason to believe Gartner’s iPad estimates, but some of the other platform numbers don’t quite make sense.

So which is it HP, do you want a tablet business or not?

HP’s decision to kill off its nascent tablet effort was stunning, but at least it seemed decisive. But now the company is muddying the waters by suggesting that the fate of the TouchPad isn’t sealed. HP’s Todd Bradley said the company could still resurrect the device.