HP TouchPad owners get a free six-pack (of apps)

HP may have canned the TouchPad, but at least the company is trying to make things right for current webOS owners. The official HP Palm blog is serving up a free software six-pack to all TouchPad owners now through the end of the month.

No more $99 TouchPads? Get an Apple tablet with a future for $299

Over the weekend, HP was clearing out stock of its discontinued TouchPad for $99, or $400 off the original sticker price. That was definitely a deal, but here’s one that’s arguably better: Apple is now selling the refurbished first generation iPad for as little as $299.

Report: Tablet market to belong to iOS, Android through 2017

Thanks to content and applications, iOS and Android will remain at the top of the tablet heap until at least 2017, a new report claimed Monday. Trends indicate that iOS and Android tablet devices will make up 90 percent of the market six years from now.

Apple’s tablet rule more secure as HP drops webOS hardware

One of Apple’s tablet challengers, one that many initially thought might eventually become a force to be reckoned with, revealed Thursday that it would be leaving the field. HP will stop making webOS tablets or smartphones, which takes one potential iPad competitor out of the equation.

Hewlett-Packard gives up on webOS

Just months after introducing what looked to be one of the most promising challengers to the iPad, Hewlett-Packard said it is getting out of the webOS business and discontinuing its Touchpad and webOS phones. The company is now looking to “optimize” the value of webOS.